FileLinked APK: Free Bulk Downloader Tool App For Android, Firestick, PC and Mac

Filelinked Apk is one of the most popular applications downloading platform like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Filelinked apk Header imager

This platform was previously known as Droid Admin, and it was rebranded with the name of Filelinked subsequently.

The primary function of this app is to allow users to download files and through this app using a coding method.

What is Fileliked Apk?

Filelinked app allows you to download hundreds of thousands of applications that are not available on official application platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon Fire Store.

Therefore, this app has become one of the top notches downloaded app all around the world.

In simple words, you do not have to find applications downloading sources, URL paths, website, etc. to download apps and files.

All you need to know is the particular code of the app or the file you want to download.

Therefore, Filelinked app downloading platform works as a centralized terminal for almost all the apps.

In addition to that, Filelinked apk is accessible from various types of devices such as Android Smartphones, Android tv, tv box, Smart tv, Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, MI box, PC, Mac and so on.

That is also one of the main reasons for fileliked to have massive userbase from every corner of the world.

So, you do not have to worry about the type of your device to use the Filelinked Apk.

How Does Filelinked Woks?

Filelinked gives you the opportunity to access various types of files, applications, programs, software, tools and many more.

All you have do is, get the Filelinked Apk installed on your device and get the access for the whole world of apps for free.

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, there are specific codes for each app or file.

Also, there are certain codes for bundled apps and files.

So once you enter that particular code the Fililinked App, you can get all those apps, files and programs as a bundle to your device.

Therefore, you do not have to search for and install single items separately.

Usually, the bundled applications and files are interrelated to each other, and they could be performed together get the maximum benefit of one particular aspect.

Filelinked Apk codes generally give you access to a massive app database, and you could also call it as an online repository.

The codes to download files and applications are published on many websites all around the internet.

All you have to do is find the corresponding code related to the app or file you want and put it in the search bar of Filelinked App.

This app is not only for downloading apps for you. You can also share your apps and files with the general public using this apps repository.

So that you only have to upload your app to the Filelinked database and generate a unique access code for your app.

Application Package Information

Application NameFilelinked APK
File Size10Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, TV Box, MI Box,PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Download Filelinked


How to Download and Install FileLinked APK?

Filelinked apk download

Filelinked App downloading and installation process varies from one device to another.

Therefore, you have to follow the corresponding installation process according to your device.

So please follow the procedures below to get the Filelinked Initialization done on your device.

How to Download and Install FileLinked Apk on Firestick Device?

Filelinked app is not available on the official Amazon App store. However yo can get it on your Firestick device by following the applications sideload method.

You can follow the below method to download and install the Filelinked on your Firestick/ Fire TV devices.

Step 01

Go to Firestick Home Screen and then navigate to the “Settings” tab

Firestick home

Step 02

There, you can see another tab called Find “Device/ My Fire tv” option

MY FireTV sub feature

Step 03

There you have to Find the “Developer options” Sub item

developer options

Step 04

In that, there is another option called “Apps from Unknown Sources”. So make sure that you enable it.

apps from unknown sources
turning on apps from unknown sources to install Filelinked apk

Step 05

Now, go to the Firestick Home again and type the term ” Downloader”

search the sideload app "Downloader"

Step 06

Then you can see the Downloader sideload app icon on the search results. so click on it

Sideload app icon on the search results

Step 07

Then download the Downloader sideload app and install it on your Firestick device

Download command

Step 08

Once the downloading is completed, open the app

open command

Step 09

Click on “Allow” to access the Media Library

allow sideload app to access you Firestick media library

Step 10

Click on “ok”


Step 11

Now, please enter the below exact URL to download Filelinked Apk on your Firestick Device and hit on “Go”

providing filelinked apk download URL to the sideload app

Step 12

Then Click on “Install”

Filelinked Apk install command

Step 13

Now wait for the Filelinked app installation process

Step 14

Then, Delete the setup files.

deleting filelinked apk setup files

Step 15

Confirm the Command

confirmation command

Step 16

Thats All!. Now you can find the successfully installed Filelinked Apk on your Firestick Apps list

Simplified Method to Download and Install Filelinked APP for Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield also one of the most popular media streaming device in the world.

So that there are many users who are seeking as to how they can download and install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield.

Therefore, you can follow the same procedure that is shown above to install the Filelinked on Nvidia Shield Device because the Filelinked Apk installation process is similar to Firestick and Nvidia Shield.

Step by step guide to Download and Install FileLinked APK on Android Devices

Filelinked is is the most popular buld apps downloader tool for android operating system.

Therefore, many android users use this application on daily basis to get their favorite apps and files.

Step 01

Firstly, you have to go to “Settings” menu in your Android device.

Step 02

Then, Go to the “Securities”.

securities option

Step 03

After that, Find the “Apps from unknown sources” and make sure that you have enabled it.

enabling unknown sources to install filelinked apk on android

Step 04

Now, you can download and install the Filelinked Apk from this website following the regular app download procedure.

Further, you can follow the same process above to get the Filelinked app on MI box, Android Smart tv, tv box, Chromecast and so on

How to Download and Install FileLinked Apk on PC and Mac?

Filelinked can be installed on your Windows PC and Macbook using an android emulator.

Step 01

Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox.

bluestacks home screen

Step 02

The, download the Apk file from this website and browse it to the Android emulator as shown in the below image

browsing filelinked apk to android emulator

Step 03

Thats all. now you can find the Filelinked Apk on your android emulator apps list.

How to Download and Install FileLinked App for iOS?

Filelinked App is not available on official Apple App store. Therefore you will not be able to get it on there.

Further, there is no method to get any emulators for ios devices like Iphone, Ipad and Apple tv.

As a result, you will not be able to get Filelinked on ios devices.

However, if you have jailbreak your iphone, there is a way that you can get it on your iphone. however, it is not recommended because it will result in voiding Apple official warranty.

How to Use Filelinked?

If you want to remove the 3rd party Advertisement running on the Filelinked App, there is a method to do it.

Please follow the below instructions.

Step 01

Head over to the “Settings” tab in your Filelinked Home Screen

Step 02

In that there is a option to uncheck “Show Hints and Useful Information.”

Step 03

Now you have to click on “Apply”

Step 04

Thats all. now you can use the pp without getting disturbed with advertisements

What is Better? Filelinked App Vs FireDL App?

These are two different platforms that provide similar kinds of services.

So that, you can get apps and files from Filelinked as well as Fire DL.

FireDL and Filelinked both works on the access coding method where you can download the apps and file from the respective repositories by proving the corresponding access code.

There are many Filelinked codes listed in the Techslott

However, one of the unique features that we can see only in Filelinked is that it allows bulk downloading of apps and files.

Features of Filelinked Apk

Filelinked user interface is very easy to understand, and there is no complication to use the app.

Therefore, users do not need to have much technical knowledge to operate this application.

Also, the control panel of the apk been centralized to a one spot.

Therefore, you as a user do not have to navigate here and there to find different options.

You do not have to search the apps and files by their titles (names), and search apps like you do on other app stores.

All you have to do is find the corresponding app access code and enter it on the search bar of the app.

Further, Filelinked downloader does not want you to go through any registration process.

We all hate to fill out those lengthy registration process before getting on to something.

So that you can straightaway download and install the app on your device in a few minutes.

This is a great platform to open your own app store and distribute your app to millions of Filelinked apk users from all around the world.

Unlike other app stores, there is no charge to add an application to Filelinked apps repository.

However, if you intend to use a custom access code for your app, you have to create a free Filelinked account.

It would be best if you also kept in mind the fact that certain types of apps and files require another PIN code to get the app in addition to the access code.

In that case, you will have to get the PIN code from the developers from the app or search it on the internet for that particular PIN code.

These are some of the most used best filelinked apk codes in 2021 where you can download multiple apps such as streaming, video, tools, photos, games and so on.

22222222 – This is an access for to bundle download some of the most popular streaming apps like, Cyberflix, Media Lounge, MX Player, Mouse Toggle, some essential Kodi Addons and many more.

85810914 – This application pack includes a popular players like VLC media player and few other Kodi extentions.

11039868 – Another popular access code to get tool app that will help you to clear cache memory.

17779393 – This bundle consist some of the best known music apps.

74238464 – If you are a Movie and tv series fan, this is the filelinked code for you because almost all the app are streaming apps that allows you to watch movies and tv shows for free.

88897031 – This App store code is to get some of the popular android emulator apps, ROMs and many other tools.

There are many more Apk codes for various types of apps and files all over the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Filelinked App not installed?

You might have installed and older version of Filelinked. So please install the latest apk file from this website.

Is FileLinked safe?

Yes, Filelinked Apk is 100% safe. we have verified the apk file with Virus Total technology and the apk file is 100% clean

Why is Filelinked App not working?

This problem occurs mostly when you have not updated your app. So please update the app. If it still does not work try to re-install the app

Are the FileLinked Codes Safe?

Filelinked now verifies all the apps and files that are imported in the the app store. therefore there is less chance that you come up with such an issue

Do I need to login to use Filelinked?

Generally, you do not require to create an account to download files and apps from Filelinked, however if you want to upload your own app to the Filelinked app store platform, you will have to create a free account

Is Filelinked Free?

Filelinked apk is totally free to download and use.

What is FileLinked used for?

Generally, filelinked is use to download apps and files in bulk form and as single items.