How to play Heroes of the Storm on Linux?

Heroes of the Storm on Linux

This time I’ll write about how to run the game Heroes of The Storm of Blizzard on a Linux PC .

This game is very entertaining because it brings together all the heroes of the blizzard games of the last 20 years.

So you can use characters like Kerrigan, Thrall or the Devil and so on to destroy the enemy towers and defend your own.

As you play the video game, you accumulate coins, which can be used to buy new heroes, mounts or skins for the heroes you already have.

Also, if you wish, you can use your credit card to buy with real money.

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Installation Process on Linux operating system

Let’s get started, the exact version of the operating system that I am using is Linux Mint.

However, you can follow this method for any Linux Ubuntu related operating system ,

Further, you have to make sure that you have installed proprietary drivers of your graphics card.

If not, it is very likely that the game will not run on your PC.

So, first you have to install the drivers for your graphics card and make sure that it has 3D acceleration .

The first thing we are going to do is install a virtual Windows machine that helps you to run Windows programs in Linux (Note – it is not 100% necessary but it is recommended in certain cases).

What Are the Command Lines?

command prompt

Firstly, you have to open a command prompt and execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install wine

It will ask you if we want to download the additional libraries. so type “yes”.

After that, we will install the PlayOnLinux software with the following command:

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

Since we have PlayOnLinux installed, we are going to download the game’s installer from the official blizzard page located at Heros of the storm

After entering, we click on “Play for free now” and we will download the Heroes-of-the-Storm-Setup.exe file.

Now we can run PlayOnLinux from the menu. After that, a screen will open and we will click on the “Install ” button.

On the next screen we search the “Heroes of the Storm” list.

Then, select it and click “Install” again, which is located in the lower right corner:

Thereafter, A installation wizard will open and which will automatically generate a ” virtual Windows” environment for the execution of the game.

So, Now we have to wait for it to install some libraries and then it will ask us for the installation file that we downloaded previously.

Now we can install it by following the on-screen instructions..

Finally, return to the PlayOnLinux initial screen , select ” Heroes of the Storm ” and click “Launch”.

it will ask us to login to our account.

So you can enter you credentials and wait for it to download and that’s it!

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