VS GetResponse Webinar Tool Review: Who offer best Webinar services?

Webinars are an interactive way to educate people online, carry business meetings or presentations, and have online sessions with the mass audience. A short video session is known as a webinar. But have you ever wondered how to create a webinar online? If no then you will be amazed to know that there are certain tools that will help you out in carrying a successful webinar online. GetResponse and are the two proficient tools that can be used for carrying a successful webinar.

The major problem arrives here is that which tool is most effective when it comes to the webinar? Is the best or GetResponse? We have brought a good comparison between these webinar tools that will let you decide which tool is the best to go with.

GetResponse Webinar Tool: The Brief

GetResponse is very popular for its landing page builder, webinar tool and email marketing tool. Its users will be amazed to know that GetResponse also allows you to carry webinars with your customers and market your products effectively. It boasts to be the first email marketing service that has integrated a webinar platform with its interface. Now, GetResponse also provides a complete webinar solution to all its users (who have opted for webinar package). Webinar URLs can be customized and shared socially as well as on webinar pages. The webinar rooms are easily accessible by the customers and no plug-in installation is required.

GetResponse Webinar Tool: Noteworthy Features

GetResponse Webinar Tool is the first web conferencing tool by any email marketing tool so far as boasted by the company. It has plenty of features to mesmerize any user who is looking to provide webinar sessions to people around the web.

  • Straightforward Setup & Scheduling Preferences: Just enable the registrations and now you can schedule your webinar in 3 minutes. Easy scheduling options let you use advanced date & time picker. It totally depends on you whether the webinar should be kept password protected or public. SSL sealed webinar URLs can be created and shared.
  • Email Invites & Send Reminders for fostering the Leads: Select the best webinar reminder or invitation template for sending the invitations & reminders to the attendees. The frequency of reminders and invites can be controlled. These predesigned templates are pre-filled with webinar details. Subscribers can enter the webinar without login through Auto-Login Hash.
  • Social Media Sharing Option: More leads can be generated by sharing the webinar URL on social media sites with just a click.
  • Audience Can be Kept busy: Your audience can be kept engaged by adding interactive features to your webinar. You can upload the documents, share screen, share YouTube videos, and opt for other ways too to keep then engaged.
  • Share High-Quality Video Recordings: The webinar can be recorded and shared with the audience as well as with the non-attendees. Click on ‘Click & Start Recording’ button. A maximum of 2-hour session of the webinar can be recorded. You can utilize the free storage of GetResponse for storing recorded webinars.
  • Well-built Customer Relationship: Follow-up session can be taken and you can approach the attendees through emails asking them about the webinar.
  • Report Analysis: You can get complete reports about the webinar and get to know about the conversion rates. Future webinars can be optimized accordingly. Webinar Tool: The Brief is another popular webinar tool that is giving a cut throat competition to GetResponse webinar tool. It is the simplest online meeting solutions making the things really easy. You can easily conduct a successful webinar. is growing faster with its webinar solutions. You can even conduct a webinar for mobile users with ease. Let study more about this webinar tool. Webinar Tool: Noteworthy Features

  • Video Conferencing: Video conferencing feature of this tool allows you to conduct meetings successfully with viewers viewing video bubbles (the images of you), and you viewing images of different users who joined your webinar.
  • Free Audio Conferencing: This feature is something that can be valued over other tools. First of all, you can use this feature for free. It includes local conference phone numbers in the US and over 50 countries. There are powerful audio controls that are provided to the webinar hosts like – internet calling, unlimited bridged audio conferencing, roll calls, mute participants and much more.
  • Mobile Apps: The meetings can be hosted from iPhone, iPad, and even from Android devices. You can even start your meeting with Apple watch.
  • Record Meetings: Your webinar sessions can be recorded and can also be stored on’s storage space as provided with the package you opt for. Press the ‘Camera’ button and start recording your webinar.
  • Scheduling: The meetings can be scheduled with’s scheduler or through Google Calendar or Outlook. You can check the number of meetings that have been scheduled and can also start each meeting with just a click.
  • Personal Link: You can create the URL for the webinar and can share it with the attendees or your subscribers to let them join the webinar directly.
  • Presenter Swap: This feature is the coolest feature provided by You can handle the presentation to any of the participant. vs GetResponse Webinar Tool Pricing

At GetResponse, the minimal webinar package starts at $49 per month. You can conduct a webinar with 100 people joining in. You are also provided with other features offered by GetResponse at this price.

The minimum plan starts at $20 and you can conduct a webinar with around 50 people. The package can be expanded as per your need.

Final Words

Both and GetResponse have given a cut throat competition to each other. None of them have seemed to be worse than the other. It is really difficult to predict the winner between the two. But one of them needs to be chosen. If we compare the extra bit of services of GetResponse with its webinar tool then surely lacks behind it. Though is a great webinar tool, but GetResponse is a complete marketing solution for any individual buying it. Not only just Webinar tool, GetResponse comes along landing page builder and email marketing tool too.

Also, the number of participants in the webinar with is limited to just 250, but with GetResponse, you can even conduct the webinar with more than 500 participants taking part in it. The package can be further customized according to your needs and requirements on talking with GetResponse’s support. So, you can plan for a good branding of your company ahead with GetResponse.

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