How to play StarCraft 2 on LAN with Starfriend?

StarCraft 2 on LAN with Starfriend

First of all I want to clarify that this tutorial is for all those who have bought Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty but do not have to pay a monthly subscription to the service. let’s meet StarFriend.

Well, as I said before, StarFriend is an application that allows you to play the single-player or multiplayer mode either via the internet or on a LAN without the need for a subscription.

Well, you have to create an exclusive local server for those who know your IP.

First thing we have to do is install the latest version of the video game on our PC.

Then we will have to download the following files: “StarFriend Client and StarFriend Cache”.

After that, you just have to visit the official page and register (it does not take more than 1 minute) and download the files from there.

So now we will have two files:

Star Craft Simplified Integration Method

Now you have to unzip the content of the file StarFriendBeta_1.10_Release. For that you can use file archival software like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

In this case, it will be in C: \ StarFriend.

Then you have to unzip the StarFriendCache.rar file into the folder where the previous file was unzipped so that the “Blizzard Entertainment” folder is overwritten.

Also, remember to give “yes” to everything you ask to overwrite or combine.

Later we can go to the folder where we unzip everything and execute the file “StarFriend_Client.exe” (in some configurations, it will not show the file extension, in case it has the same name) and where it says “Server Version” we will choose the version installed, in this case 1.43.

Most of the time it is automatically detected.

How to Set up Single player Mode?

If we want to play the single player campaigns or missions, we must perform the following steps:

Firstly, Click on the “Server” tab.

Click on the “Start Server” button.

Then, Click on the “Client” tab and write the desired name in “Player Name” and select an avatar (if you haven’t done it before).

Click on “Start Game”.

If everything has gone well, it will start the SC2 loading screen and then it will show you the login screen, we will have to provide the following information:

Username: [email protected]

Password: gg

It is recommended to activate the box to remember the user and simply enter the password every time you want to play.

How to Set up Multiplayer Mode?

There are two ways that you can enable the Multiplayer feature

Multiplayer over the Internet.

This way is the simplest, when we open the program we will see a list on the right side with the default StarFriend servers.

There, we can select the server we want to connect to.

In this case, and click on “Detect Server” to Get the list of waiting games.

All those that have the status of “Waiting” are the ones that have available places:

So, we double click on the server of the list to which we want to connect and the IP will appear on the left side.

We are all se to go, now you just have to select your name and avatar and click on “Start Game”.

After loading the game, it will ask us to login again and we will enter the same data as the previous time:

Username: [email protected]


Once you provide the credentials, We will enter into a chat window where the other players will be chatting each other.

So wo just have to organize ourselves and wait for someone to create the game and send the invitation to join.

Once it happens, we just accept that and choose our race and play the game!

LAN multiplayer

For the Lan Play mode, you have to follow a combination of both of the above methods.

The player who will be the host of the game will click on the “Server” tab and then on “Start Server” with the default IP.

After that, starts the game with the “Start Game” button on the “Client” tab.

Usually, your local IP is provided to the other players and they will have to write it in the “Client” tab where it says “Server IP”, we have to make sure that it is the same port that was configured by person who started the server.

Now everyone gives “Start Game” and logins with the default username and password

After logging in, they will enter the new credentials in the chat window.

The host has to create the game and send invitations to the rest to join.

So that, the others have to accept the invitation and that’s it!

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