Tinytask 1.77: Computer Work Automation Tool [35KB]


TinyTask is mainly used to ease your work, like reduce redo and save your time.

This app can record your simple computer work like folder opening and closing, copy something to another folder. etc.

And it can redo that recorded activity number of times to another folder or any other file.

If you are looking for a recording and repeating app, now you have a good chance to choose this app.

You Have Many Reasons to Choose This App

TinyTask macro automation tool is a lite weight app. So, you will not have storage problems from this app.

Nowadays, we are swamped. So, we need time-saving. You can save time from your computer by using this app. 

Tiny Task Helps Your Work

If you are doing some work on your computer, you have to copy folders, you like to play music, and you want to open some applications while doing nonstop work.

So, you can use Tinytask to do those activities automatically while you are doing other work.

It can save you time, and also it helps to do your work quickly.

Also, you can repeat the same work several times by using Tinytask.

That is an offline app. So, you can record and repeat your work without using an internet connection.

You can also set this application to open your web browser and search any intended term or visit a particular website

One of the important things in this app is that it has a single-window / a single user interface.

So, it is straightforward, and you can use the application without any difficulty, even if you do not have much technical knowledge.

Further, you can change this app setting for keyboard hotkeys to easy using this app.

For example, You can record and repeat these activities on your computer,

  • Opening and closing app and folders.
  • Launching web browser application.  
  • Play media in a media player.

Features of Tiny Task Application

This app lets you choose the number of times to repeat a macro. So, you can decide and arrange your work, reducing mistakes.

When you open the app, you can get all the options in a single panel. So, you don’t want guidance or tutorials to work with Tiny Task.

However, if you want help, that interface has a help button to get help from the web.

The most important thing is TinyTask saves the recorded activities as macros.

So, some media players also try to open those files.

Therefore, right-click and choose the TinyTask app as the default file reader.

You can also create a .exe file by combining those macros using Tiny Task options.

So, you can fully automate your work by using .exe files.

However, this app is supporting only for Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.

Further, it also supports both 32bit and 64bit Windows versions.

TinyTask is a freeware tool. So, it 100% safe because many internet users have verified this app with virus total technology.

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Where Can You Download Tiny Task

You can download Tiny Task from a reliable web site.

Remember that this app is only for Windows, Linux, and MAC.

So, the Tiny Task does not support Android operating systems.

Make sure that your downloaded app is the original one.

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