GetResponse vs. Campaigner: Which is best Email Marketing Service Provider

Email Marketing is the priority of almost every successful offline or online business. Doesn’t matter if you are running your blog or doing affiliate or have an e-commerce website, the email list is something which is important to boost your business up to be successful.
Benefits of Email Marketing.

Some of the benefits of email marketing are as follows:

  • Make your business independent of Google, SEO, and social media sites. Building a potential huge email lists can help your business to be independent of Google search engine, SEO, Social Media sites and this is a profitable step because In future, you don’t know if SEO will work or not, you don’t know when Facebook will delete your page with huge fan following accidently or knowingly, what would you do then? Nothing right? So all your hard work of building fan following will go waste, and it became hard for you to stand again in the market. The email list is like your own asset, it make sure you always be in the market and even if you lose your Google ranking or fan following you can still your business right from people’s inbox, you have their inbox address, they know you.
  • Email Marketing creates a sales funnel, guess what? If you have the email lists of thousands of potential prospects you have the diamonds, yeah a long email list can create an automatic business for the passive income. Having a big email list can help you boost your affiliate sales that create the sales funnel.
  • Using email list, you can offer free courses to your subscribers and can make up sales and down sales. You can use email marketing platform’s features like auto-responder to automate the process.
  • There are dozens of top bloggers like Neil Patel, John Chow, and almost all who focus on building huge email lists and make huge money every month.
  • Email marketing help building your audience, building the relationship, and keep them engaged with you. By keeping sending engaging and really useful emails, you can make a strong relationship with your subscribers and by doing so it will open your way to get huge traffic to your landing page, give you more sales, and building brands on the regular basis.
    Let’s discuss about two popular email marketing platform for your ease. After reading this comparison, I am sure you can easily select best email marketing provider for your business.

Overview: GetResponse Review VS Campaigner Review

Overview: GetResponse Review

GetResponse is really an old one; it is in the business since 1998.Their offices are based in US, Poland, Russia, and Canada. They have really impressive features for your email marketing campaigns like, forms for the different requirement like newsletter forms, free course signup forms, order forms, event signup, feedback forms, seasonal forms and mad many more.

There are 9 categories and 500+ awesome templates available to choose from. GetResponse create the entire emails look awesome and beautiful, its responsive design makes email easy readable. It’s pricing is also cheap and attractive for marketers or bloggers with huge email lists, check pricing for more details.

Overview: Campaigner Review

Campaigner is a software product which is used to manage customer relationship that can help users to manage their sales in an easy way. This tool is integrated with email marketing system, and it can send the emails to 10,000 per user and also supports unlimited contact, users and seats.

Campaigner works better for small and medium-sized companies that are searching for CRM solutions. People who want to run their business in an autopilot way for them this campaigner tool will be helping you because this software automates the sales process and gives a strong CRM solution.

GetResponse Features Vs Campaigner Features

GetResponse Features –
GetResponse offers you awesome features with their attractive features such as forms with 9 categories and 500+ effective and responsive designs. Its responsive email template is compatible with any size of device’s screen. And other important email marketing feature like autoresponders 2.0.

Campaigner Features –
Campaigner gives you email marketing, contact management, sales forecasting and CRM reporting, sales process manager. The contact management part gives you searchable custom fields, tracking, custom fields, more import and tracking. CRM reporting part comes with weekly, monthly, and even daily reports and that reports are directly sent to your pipeline, timeline and marketing efforts. Campaigner software’s interface is user customizable and user-friendly and also email marketing part offers totally customizable email campaigns, very professional looking email templates with good HTML design support.

GetResponse Specifications Vs Campaigner Specifications

GetResponse Specifications:
GetResponse is old company and reliable, many top marketer use GetResponse, it provides trials and have the starting price of $15 per month. Offer 9 categories of professional 500+ templates. Before purchasing any email marketing plans, you can test their services using 30 day free trials, using which you can check if its best fit to your business requirement.

Campaigner Specifications:

Campaigner Company is located in Coventry, United Kingdom and their customers are large, medium, small businesses, always available online for customer services to offer better solutions. This tool runs on Desktop and cloud platforms. Some of the major specifications are A/B/N Split testing, bounce tracking, bounced Emails, Can spam compliance, Click through rate tracking.

Before you this product you can take the trial version which available for all packages and that allows you to get familiarized with the program. This software shows you clear and detailed reports and also gives insight into your business. Hence, this software can run on the cloud so, cloud database allows you to access your data from anywhere and anytime you want and this also with emergency situations.

GetResponse pricing starts from $15 which is Email package perfect for beginners email marketing, in this price it offers to send emails to 1000 lists with features like autoresponders 2.0 & basic landing pages as and in price $999 per month which is enterprise package for businesses seeking best performing solutions with all the available features.

Whereas Campaigner pricing starts from 19.95 per month for up to 1,000 lists to $549.95 per month for up to 50,000 email lists per month with features like workflows, APIs, client services, sales engineering, delivery support, single Opt-in forms, contact engagement scoring, and some other features.


So, this is it, I now hope that this post will surely help you to decide and choice the best email marketing platform that best suit you according to your budget and requirement.
I am using GetResponse from some years; I never faced a single issue. I love their services. I must say choosing GetResponse is an ideal choice.

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